Nursing, hospital and home help for Officers' families - for life
Helping serving and retired officers of the UK Armed Forces meet costs incurred
due to illness or injury of their dependants

About the Fund

"The peace of mind it gave me helped enormously in my recovery, and I cannot speak highly enough of the kindness and efficiency I received from The Fund."

Elspeth Flood shaking her new hip. We were able to help with her recovery after the operation.

"It has been a long slow haul, but without Lady Grover's Fund it would have been much harder. I advise everyone I know who is currently serving, or under joining age, to take out membership immediately. Past and discontinued health insurance policies have shown me that the Fund is in a league of its own."

Lady Grover's Fund is a Friendly Society that provides support to officers' dependants during times of illness or convalescence.

We Provide:
  • Comfort for our members, who know financial support towards nursing and domestic help is there whenever they need it
  • Quick and speedy help in an emergency at home
  • Help with high and unexpected costs of illness
  • Quality service and value for a modest annual fee

We Give:
  • Contributions towards hospital fees
  • Help towards the cost of home nursing
  • Domestic help following illness or injury

Who We Help:
  • Dependants of officers of all three services, whether serving or retired
  • Widows or widowers of officers
  • Divorced wives or husbands of officers, (for their own benefit or that of their children)
  • Descendant carers of officers

Officer members can't benefit from the Fund themselves.
Widows or widowers can continue their membership at the same rates and with the same benefits.

Who Qualifies for membership:
  • Anyone who has done five years of regular commissioned service in the UK Armed Forces
  • Beneficiaries must be under the age of 65 when the member joins
  • Children are eligible for help until they are 18, or 21 if they are in full-time education

For a full list of criteria see under Eligibility.