Nursing, hospital and home help for Officers' families - for life

We can offer support

with hospital and home help care.

Helping serving and retired officers of the UK Armed Forces meet costs incurred

due to illness or injury of their dependants


Cash grants are made towards meeting the expenses incurred by the illness of a member's dependant.


On 1 January 2018, the annual subscription was raised to £50.


The Benefits schedule is as follows:


Maximum Grant


Temporary nursing care in Hospital and Nursing Home: £1,694 per week

Temporary employment of a qualified Nurse or carer at home: £346.50 per week

Convalescence under medical advice : £346.50 per week

Temporary Home Help necessitated by a dependant's illness: £196 per week


The maximum payable to a member in any twelvemonth is: £6,930


Period of Benefits


Benefits are available for Hospital Accommodation, Home Nursing and Convalescence for a total of 8 weeks in a period of 12 months.

For Home Help this period is extended to 15 weeks, but the maximum grant payable is £2352, the equivalent of 12 weeks at £196.


Exclusions for Benefit


Maternity, chronic or recurrent conditions are ineligible

Persons who are normally resident in a nursing home or similar institution are ineligible


Member Benefits



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