Nursing, hospital and home help for Officers' families - for life

The history behind the

fund and why we are here

to help British Military Officers' families

Helping serving and retired officers of the UK Armed Forces meet costs incurred

due to illness or injury of their dependants


Lady Grover founded this fund in India in 1911. She saw the need for a scheme to help Officers meet the cost of hospital and nursing expenses arising out of the illness of their families for whom, at that time, there was no Services medical care.


Set up primarily to help Officers of the Indian Army, it was opened in 1923 to Officers of the three Services world-wide.


For a modest annual subscription the Fund provides help in meeting the often heavy and unexpected costs of illness of the dependants of members.


At a time when Officers of all three Services are away from home with increasing frequency, the Fund provides members and their dependants with the comfort of knowing that financial support towards nursing and domestic help for their dependants will be speedily available in an emergency at home.


For retired officers and their widows and widowers the Fund is a real nugget of value at a time of rising healthcare costs.


The Fund is a Friendly Society, not a charity; members are able to claim entitled expenses under the Rules.




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