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How to make a claim

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In order to make a claim on the Fund, you will need to download a Claim Application.


This should be completed and signed by you and by a relevant doctor, and posted to the Secretary with the receipts for the expenses incurred.


Please see our Benefits page for a reminder of the Benefits you can claim.


We have included a form of receipt which you may find useful for recording Home Help hours worked.


If you use an agency for your Home Help, then they will issue a formal invoice; in this case it is this invoice which you would need to include.


We try to respond to your claims quickly and pay promptly, usually within a matter of days.


If the Secretary has a query about your claim, this may take a little longer. If you need further advice on your claim, please ring, email or write to The Secretary, who is always happy to discuss your best course of action with you.


It is a great help to you and to us to consult before a claim is made.







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