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The assistance with housework was timely. My husband, though willing, is not particularly domesticated, and to be able to call on outside help when I was effectively out of action was a godsend.


You provide an extremely efficient, reliable and straightforward service with the additional benefit of reassurance, not just insurance. Efficient because your response is always quick, patient in terms of providing advice and human in terms of the ability to tailor responses to queries rather than go to a check sheet..... Straightforward because you trust your customers which means that do not have to go through endless forms, justifications, examinations etc. It's nice to be trusted!


You asked about the Fund's use to members; in my case, I consider it to be very valuable. As a widow living alone, when I became incapacitated, having extra help in the house aided my recovery and decreased anxiety.


...from start to finish, I have been impressed with the reaction of the Lady Grover's Fund to what was a particularly trying time for us. You kept things simple and well explained, while at the same time supplying all the relevant and necessary information...My wife has since made a full recovery, thank you for the part that you played in it.


Just the comforting knowledge that I would be able to seek help from the Lady Grover's Fund has been wonderful. It meant that I knew that when I left hospital still far from recovered that there would be funds for me to have someone to be with me and help. I honestly don't know how I would have managed without this support.


Home Help allowed my wife to concentrate on getting better. Invaluable in aiding her recovery.


It is very useful having a friendly impartial voice on the end of the phone who ..... can give good, clear, sensible advice.


I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it is to have the support of the Lady Grover's Fund. On so many occasions, both now and in the past, you have taken the worry out of how I was going to cope on my own after an operation.


I wish to congratulate you and your staff for running what is obviously a very “slick” and highly efficient operation at the Fund. I  can appreciate that in cases when time is of the essence your rapid response makes a significant contribution in alleviating possible financial anxieties.





The Secretary

Lady Grover's Fund

Mountbarrow House

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020 7808 4180 or 0845 873 7161