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A note from our Chairman - Major General Adrian Lyons CBE


Our Newsletter is appearing slightly later this year as there are potentially major developments in hand concerning the future management of our Society. These have been moving forward since late last year and I thought it best to wait a little to provide the best update possible. Late in 2015 we received a proposal from the Officers ' Association that they would like to consider taking over management of the Society. As many of you will know we

have been collocated with the Officers ' Association, first in Pall Mall and, more recently, Mountbarrow House for over eighty years.


There are very close synergies with the way we work and, because of this, on many occasions the Officers' Association has been able to assist our membership. Further details appear elsewhere in this Newsletter, but, be assured, your Managing Committee and Trustees will ensure you are fully consulted before any major change is contemplated.


On the more routine aspects of our work, you will see from the various comments on grants and statistics, income and expenditure and investment information that we have had a good year. Our position is essentially sound and we provide a level of service at a premium that larger friendly societies would find it hard to match.

But, as I have mentioned in past Newsletters, running a very small friendly society in these times is a challenging business. Your Secretary has done an excellent job in facing the various challenges and he has undertaken a great deal of work to ensure the smooth and cost-effective operation of your society as well as overhauling our procedures and documentation. I would like to thank Mike Vickery and the Committee for all they have done this year in such challenging times.






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