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The fund has a set of rules which is reviewed annually.

Rules of the Lady Grover's Fund

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The full rules of the Fund can be viewed using the link below.


At the AGM held on 7th July 2015, the Committee recognised that MoD no longer differentiates between Regular and Reserve commissions.


The Committee therefore made the decision to cease the differentiation as well.


At the same time, they felt that the requirement to have served for five years before qualifying for membership was no longer desirable and that a shorter period would better reflect the commissioning system of the MoD, and the eligibility criteria of the major Service Charities, none of whom require such a long period of eligibility.


The Rule on Officers' eligibility now reads: Any Officer who holds or who has held a commission in the UK Armed Forces or associated Nursing Services for a minimum of one week including any Officer who has a legal recognised civil partnership (but see Rule 6(2)(a) concerning the age limit for dependants).







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