Nursing, hospital and home help for Officers' families - for life

Our low rate subscription to cover your family is only £40 a year.

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Annual Subscriptions


The Annual General Meeting of 2012 proposed a rise in benefits and subscriptions to reflect rising medical care costs. The Annual Subscription is £40. This subscription became payable by all members from 1 January 2013.


The Subscription is payable by Direct Debit on 1st January each year.


A member joining before 1 July in any year will pay the full annual subscription. The Secretary will collect this by BACS after sending the DD form to the new member's bank.


A member joining later in the year will pay half the annual subscription; this is payable by cheque or by credit transfer.


A member becomes eligible for benefit 6 months after joining.


Special Features


The annual subscription covers ALL eligible dependant members of the family regardless of number.


In cases of special hardship the Committee is empowered to make ex-gratia grants.


Whilst largely operating with monies subscribed by members, the Fund is also supported by investment income.


The Fund aims to provide a quick response to claims - usually within a few days.


Benefit and subscription rates are reviewed every three years by the Fund's Management Committee, seeking advice from our Actuary.



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