Discretionary Mutuals

An overview document about Discretionary Mutuals as an insurance concept has been prepared by the Association of Financial Mutuals. Click to open the document: “Discretionary Mutuals:an introduction by the Association of Financial Mutuals”

Letter from the Chairman and Chief Executive on the future status of your Society

1 Dec 2020 Dear Lady Grover Member The SituationAs members will know, for several years now your Committee has been adjusting Lady Grover’s Fund subscriptions and Rules as well as our operating patterns and governance, to best protect our long-term ability to support our members. Lady Grover’s, like many other Societies, has an ageing membership and it has not recently been able to attract new members in sufficient numbers. Membership numbers have reduced by about 20% over the last 5 years from a peak of around 3,200. Administration costs are also an issue for the Society; the administration has been outsourced to the Officers’ Association (OA), but this proved insufficient […]