New Members

The Society is pleased to welcome new members and will be processing membership applications in the normal way. Membership will not commence until the new Rules take effect which is expected to be 1 January 2022. New members’ attention is drawn to the Society’s Discretionary Mutual Model which is extracted from its recent Prospectus.

SGM voting result

Over 30 members attended the SGM and will know that there was a substantial vote in favour of the Society’s proposal to incorporate and offer benefits on a discretionary basis. We undertook to count all votes posted prior to the SGM and allow a further 7 days for their receipt. We can now announce that 797 members voted FOR the SGM resolution and 29 AGAINST. Accordingly, the Society is proceeding to register the Memorandum and new Rules.  We noted at the SGM that a few members had gained the impression that we might be intending to means test the benefits that we pay. We would assure our members that we […]