Lady Grover’s A family with Teenagers

A Family with Teenagers

Mr and Mrs P took out membership in 2017. At the time of joining the couple had two children aged 8 and 10 years. In 2022 the couple’s eldest son had an accident while out riding his bicycle with friends. He broke his leg and had to have a cast fitted.

On returning home from hospital Mr. and Mrs. P, who both work full-time, had a lot to manage around the home. Mrs P took a week of annual leave to care for her son while he was unable to attend school. The family applied to the LGF for funding for home help for 4 weeks following their son’s accident. This paid for a cleaner to come and keep the home tidy and to pick up groceries and essentials when Mrs P struggled to find time to visit the supermarket. With domestic jobs covered by the home helper, Mrs. P could fully focus on helping her son with homeschooling and physiotherapy exercises which helped to speed up his recovery.