Lady Grover’s Fund A Former Army Major

A Single, Former Army Major

Mr. C, a former Army Major contracted Dengue fever whilst on holiday in Costa Rica. He spent 2 weeks in hospital. After being discharged from the hospital and flying home to the UK, due to extreme fatigue he required Home Nursing care to assist him with getting up and dressed for one week. Mr. C is single and lives alone, therefore he also required help in the home with domestic duties such as cleaning, shopping etc. He employed a home helper to visit twice a week for 4 weeks to help him manage while he was regaining strength.

Mr C had joined the Lady Grovers Fund 5 years ago when he was still serving in the Royal Engineers. He made enquiries about applying for a grant to help towards the cost of Home Help and Home Nursing. He was provided with a grant which re-imbursed him in full.