Lady Grover’s Family Children

A Young Family

Mr W is married with 3 children. He became an LGF member in 2019. Following the end of a short service commission in the Army, he secured civilian employment in the financial services industry. This job required a significant amount of international travel. As the family had 3 school-aged children Mr. W wanted peace of mind knowing that help was available if his wife or children should incur unforeseen accidents or injury while he was abroad.

Mrs W fractured a bone in her foot in 2022 while she was out walking the dog. She spent a day in hospital and when she returned home, she needed help to assist with domestic jobs. Mrs W employed a dog walker and home helper who picked up the shopping and kept the house clean and tidy while she recovered. The home helper also helped prepare meals, so the family were well fed whilst Mrs W was incapacitated. This was covered under the home help category of LGF benefits.

Mrs. W had some help from family to take the children to and from school but said she felt a great deal of reassurance having the extra help paid for by the LGF grant. This enabled her peace of mind, knowing that her home was kept in order while she was recovering. It also took away the guilt she may have felt relying on family members to do this for her.