Lady Grover’s Fund Household Cavalry - change of guards

A Young Serving Calvary Officer

Miss W is 29 years old; she is a Captain in the Army and currently serving in the Household Calvary Regiment.  She was recently granted permission to move from the Officers’ Mess and took up residency in a rented house-share in SW London with 2 friends. Whilst training for a Regimental event, Miss. W fell off a horse, which resulted in an open fracture to her leg.  After her discharge from the hospital, she was off work for 2 months. On return to her home-share, she was unable to mobilise independently and the dressing had to be changed. Miss W’s family are based in Lincolnshire, so were not able to help frequently.  Miss W joined the LGF fund 2 years before her accident and was able to make an application for support while she was in recovery.

Miss W required Home Nursing to check and change the dressing while her fracture was healing at home. A nurse visited Miss W twice a week for 4 weeks. She also required a Home Helper to visit 2 times a week for 2 hours each visit, for a total of 6 weeks, to help with domestic tasks such as cleaning, ironing, washing and shopping.  She applied to the LGF Fund and was re-imbursed in full for both the Home Nursing and the Home Help support.