About Lady Grover's Fund

Lady Grover’s Fund (LGF), established in 1911, is a Mutual Friendly Society for serving or former officers of the UK military armed forces.  Members benefit from financial grants to help meet the costs of unexpected illness or injury incurred by themselves or their family members or dependants.  These include additional nursing or care at home, hospital accommodation and domestic help.  By joining as a member, either as an individual or on behalf of your family and dependants, you will be able to access critical financial support when you and your family need it the most.

Memberships start from as little as £55 per annum.

Meet the Chairman and find out about the history of Lady Grover's Fund

Meet our Chairman, Brigadier retired Jon Brittain, who took over the reigns of LGF in July 2022. Here he talks about the fascinating story of Lady Grover establishing the fund in 1911 and how it continues to fulfil its original purpose – supporting serving and former military officers, their families and dependants – over a hundred years on.

Meet our CEO, Lee Holloway

Lee brings a raft of experience from his time serving in the Royal Navy and subsequently in the private sector. He wants to continue the founding aims of LGF – providing our members and their families with funding for assistance in their times of need. Lee is also the CEO of our partner charity, the Officers’ Association, which provides support to former HM military officers. “The value to the Officer Corps is indisputable, and I remain convinced that it is my duty to raise awareness of a service that is even more relevant today than when it started over one hundred years ago.” Lee Holloway

How LGF has changed and why it is still relevant today

Chairman, Jon Brittain tells us how LGF has opened up to new members and how the cover it provides, funds the gap between NHS healthcare and the final stages of recovery and support at home. NB. The starting annual subscription fee has increased from £40 p/a to £55 p/a as of the 1st Jan 2024.

How to become a member of LGF and make a claim

Find out how you can apply to become a member of LGF and how to make a claim.

How Members can access LGF

An introduction to the different ways LGF members can contact the Fund and make a claim.