History of the Lady Grover's Fund

Lady Grover’s Hospital Fund for Officers’ Families was established in 1911 by Lady Grover whilst living in India as an Army wife. She had been deeply impressed by the need for some sort of scheme to help officers, primarily of the Indian Army, with hospital and nursing expenses arising out of the illness of their dependants.

At Lady Grover’s death, in 1912, the Committee of the Fund, most of whom had helped her to start the scheme, renamed the Fund as it is today, as a memorial to a very gracious lady. General Sir Malcolm Grover made the Fund his main interest on his retirement in 1919, and was responsible for building up the resources and benefits and for enlarging the scope of the Fund to include Officers of the three Services, serving anywhere in the world.

This altruistic task he performed admirably, and to the Fund’s very great prestige, until his death in 1945.

Lady Grover’s Fund has continued to evolve to help officers of all three Services and their dependants to access critical financial support when they need it the most – helping you to provide additional nursing, hospital or domestic care to assist recovery.

Lady Grover’s Fund assists with recovery after illness or injury, bridging the critical gap in healthcare provision which still exists between long-term health insurance, the NHS and family support. These benefits are as valid now as they were when the fund was founded.

When illness or injury strike, you can rely on the comfort of knowing that Lady Grover’s Fund will help you pick up the pieces of everyday life by providing financial support to meet the costs of nursing, hospital and domestic help during recovery.

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