From the archives, a wonderful article from the British Medical Journal in 1913, just two years after the formation of Lady Grover’s Fund (known at the time as the Officers’ Families’ Hospital Fund). We learn how the Fund was helping Officers’ families and making improvements to allow more access to health care provision for those not able to travel to London.


At a meeting of the committee of Lady Grover’s Fund for officers’ families’ hospitals in Simla on May 2nd the annual report for the past year was considered. During the first year of the fund’s existence 416 officers joined it and 6 ladies obtained the benefits the fund is intended to provide. The fund secures admission to a nursing home in London on payment of £2 l0s. a week, the difference between that sum and the amount actually charged by the home being paid by the fund. The committee has now decided to extend the benefits of the scheme, as far as funds permit. It has been represented that ladies may not always find it convenient to go to London for treatment, and are thereby debarred, under existing rules, from obtaining any advantage from the fund. To meet such cases, and as a tentative measure, it has been decided to contribute a sum not exceeding £2 10s. a week to the expenses of those ladies who go into nursing homes in the British Isles outside London. Application for this assistance should be made to the Honorary Secretary of the London Committee, whose address is 21, Neville Street, Onslow Gardens, London, S.W., and must in every case be supported by a copy of the bill. The decision of the London Committee as to the amount of assistance given, being dependent on the founds available, will be final. Another innovation is the adoption of the system of regimental subscriptions at reduced rates. It has been decided that a regiment may subscribe for the wives of its officers at the rate of Rs.20 for three ladies, Rs.40 for six, and so on. Each subscriber under this rule will secure for his family the benefits of the fund for a calendar year from the date of subscription, whether he remains with his regiment or is transferred to any other form of employment. The fund was always open to regimental chaplains of the Church of Scotland serving with units in India, and has now been extended to all chaplains of the ecclesiastical establishments shown in the Indian Army List and to officers of the Royal Indian Marine.

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