Lady Grover’s Fund MH Rhodes

Commander MH Rhodes

Commander Rhodes joined the Lady Grovers fund in 1993 following his retirement from the Royal Navy. For a relatively modest subscription, he felt it offered reassurance to him that his wife would have access to additional support should she encounter unforeseen accident or injury.

In 2019 the couple were on a walking holiday in Switzerland when Mrs Rhodes had a fall and damaged her hip. She subsequently went on to need domestic help in the home following an operation to replace her left hip. The couple contacted the Fund and applied for 15 weeks of Home help to assist with cleaning/shopping etc. This application was approved and a grant of £804 was paid.

In July 2022, Mrs Rhodes (82 years) was injured in a road traffic accident, she fractured 12 ribs and was in Hospital for 28 days. She was in a hospital in Portsmouth for 15 days and then to ease the bed demand she was transferred to a community hospital in Petersfield where she remained for a further 13 days.

Having benefited from a grant from the fund back in 2019, following his wife’s hip operation, Commander Rhodes got in touch with LGF to discuss a prospective claim. Once Mrs Rhodes was discharged from hospital, a cleaner/domestic helper came once a week for 15 weeks. An application for funding home help totalling £683.20 was approved by the Lady Grover’s Fund Committee.

Mr Rhodes wrote to Lady Grover’s to thank them for the invaluable support the Fund provided and the difference it made to their lives through a challenging time”

‘The weekly help with housework at a time when my wife, with 12 broken ribs was unable to do any physical work herself helped keep the house clean and in order. Being house proud she was also able to be at ease mentally, recovering without being anxious about the state of the house. This stopped her from trying to do things too early in the recovery process, leading to a much shorter period of recovery and better rib repair’