Lady Grover’s Fund Former Army Major

Former Army Major

Mr. T, a former Army Major joined the LGF fund in 2016. He is married and has two teenage children, his motivation to join the fund was to provide valuable provision of help should his family encounter accident/illness or injury. In 2018 Mr. T’s wife contracted pneumonia and was hospitalized for one week. On return home she was very weak and was ordered to take bed rest for at least 4 weeks. Mr. T identified local Home Help provision to assist with domestic duties such as cleaning and gardening. The home helper also carried out cooking for the family. Mr. T contacted the LGF membership manager and discussed his wife and family’s requirement for Home Help to cover his wife’s recovery period. He was advised to make an application within the LGF permitted time frames. Mr. T submitted an application to the Fund for Home Help for 7 weeks. This was made up of daily visits to carry out cleaning, cooking and gardening. He was awarded a grant towards the costs, in line with the LGF rules. The domestic help relieved the pressure from Mr. and Mrs. T and Mrs. T was able to fully focus on rest and recovery, knowing that her family meals were being prepared and the home kept in order. The family found that this vital provision aided Mrs. T’s rapid recovery.