Ancient Chinese Curse – “May you live in interesting times” 

I joined Lady Grover’s Fund in May, and it has certainly been a challenge working through lockdown. Like many this year, we have had to adapt to new ways of working. Getting to know your new colleagues is a slow process! 

Lady Grover looks to the staff of the Officers’ Association (OA) to administer the fund, handle membership queries and, in particular, to process claims. Fortunately, before Covid struck, the OA was already gearing up to enable its staff to work from home – ahead of its move to Reading. Staff have been able to provide their normal service and we are up to date on meeting members’ claims. 

One welcome change this year was our decision to hold the AGM in June – on time, but online! This enabled a number of members to participate – far more than we normally get. We hope to repeat this in future years. 

Looking to the future, the strategy of Lady Grover is to attract new, younger, members. Part of my role is to develop the Society to make this easier, and we are pursuing this directly with our professional advisers. Our next newsletter will report on our progress. 

Stuart Bell – Acting CEO