Thank you for making the decision to join Lady Grover’s Fund.

Prospective members are advised that the Society offers benefits on a discretionary basis and requested to read the Society’s Discretionary Mutual Model.

To join Lady Grover’s Fund as a member, we need you to complete two forms: a Membership Application Form and a Direct Debit Form.
Alternatively, both forms can be completed online by clicking the button below, which will open the secure window.

Who’s eligible?
To complete your application for membership, you will need:

During the coronavirus outbreak we are following government advice and working at home.  Whilst it is business as usual we are asking all new members to consider joining Lady Grover’s Fund online as it will enable us to process your application more quickly. Thank you. 

Prefer not to join online?

Should you prefer not to submit your application online, you can download our PDF forms.  Once completed, please return these to the Secretary by post.