The Committee of Management (Board) is accountable to the members of Lady Grover’s Fund (LGF) and UK Regulators for the operation of LGF and regards good corporate governance as fundamental to this responsibility.

The Board confirms that this report together with LGF’s annual report and financial statements (available from LGF on request) present a fair, balanced and understandable view of LGF, providing sufficient information for members to assess LGF’s performance, business model and strategy.

LGF follows the AFM Corporate Governance Code issued in January 2019.  This code, which focusses on culture within the organisation and stakeholder engagement, sets out Principles of Best Practice to be adopted on a comply and explain basis and provides guidance on how organisations might achieve each of the Principles in a manner appropriate to its size and complexity. 

The Principles of AFM Corporate Governance are:

Purpose and Leadership
Board Composition
Director Responsibilities
Opportunity and Risk
Stakeholder Relationships & Engagement

The detailed definition of the Principles and how they have been applied by LGF are set out here.