Members becoming Beneficiaries of LGF

Find out how you can get the benefits of LGF, previously only available to family members.

A very exciting and significant change is happening at LGF. From January 2024, the Fund is opening up its membership for the first time, giving all serving and former officers the opportunity to join as an individual. This will allow them to access the LGF cover which, in the past, has only been available for their family and dependants.

Whilst the joining criteria requires new members to be under 65 years old (at the time of joining), following a resounding Committee vote at June’s AGM, in the interests of fairness, it was agreed that all existing members should be able take out an individual membership and gain the benefits of the Fund.

For those under 65 years old, who are already a member, this means taking out an additional annual subscription based on their age, which covers them as an individual. For serving or former officers who are new to LGF and are under 65 years, there is the option to join as an individual and/or to take out an additional membership that covers their family or dependants, as long as the family members benefiting from the Fund are under 65 years at the time of joining, too.

For existing LGF members who are 65 years and above, for a limited time only (up to 30th June 2024), there is the option to join as an individual and gain the benefits of the Fund by paying a one-off, additional, age-related premium. This is calculated at half the subscription rates through the years from 65 years of age to the present day. In addition, the annual subscription for your current age bracket will be payable when you take out a membership that covers you as an individual and on an on-going basis.

An example is for a member aged 70 years at the time of taking out a membership that covers them as an individual. The member’s one-off payment is for 6 years: 5 years at 50% of the rate band 60-69 and 1 year at 50% of the 70+ band using 2024 rate of subscriptions.

See the table below for more examples:

AGE 50% of 60-69 Tier 50% of the 70+ Tier One-Off Payment
68 £160.00 £0.00 £160.00
70 £200.00 £47.50 £247.50
75 £200.00 £285.00 £485.00
80 £200.00 £522.50 £722.50
85 £200.00 £760.00 £960.00
90 £200.00 £997.50 £1,197.50
95 £200.00 £1,235.00 £1,435.00

If you’d like to find out more, or to join the Fund as an individual, visit:

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