Mrs Baines

“I have been a  member of  Lady Grover’s Fund (LGF) for over 50 years and I cannot recommend them more highly. Since my husband’s death I have had cause to use them twice, once for a knee replacement and recently for a hip replacement. Because I now live on my own, I realised that I would need some help after the operation. I found this and booked a lady to come and live with me for the first 2 weeks on both occasions. I couldn’t have done without her and she did all I wanted and made me do the necessary exercises, which was invaluable for my initial recovery!

I contacted Lady Grover and both times they have assisted me with the payment for this. I am immensely grateful to them. They were extremely helpful and paid out very promptly. The annual payment is  minimal compared to what they offer in return. It has gone up inevitably over the years but I would recommend it to anyone, especially when you are only getting half your husband’s pension, so finding life a bit tough on your own.

Do join. You will really be missing out if you don’t and it was a great comfort to me to know I could claim some money back against my expenses.”

Mrs Baines


Mrs Baines is 81 years old and a widow of the late Col J. F. Baines who joined LGF in 1982.

Mrs Baines applied to the Fund on 9th January 2023 for 2 weeks of Home Nursing following surgery for a right knee replacement.  LGF paid £770 in benefit. At the time, she told us that sadly, she’d had to opt for private surgery.  This was due to the NHS waiting times and she was in significant pain, which was impacting on her general wellbeing.

Mrs Baines applied to the Fund again on 10th January 2024 for 3 nights’ Hospital Accommodation for right hip replacement surgery and 2 x weeks & 1 day ‘Home Nursing’.  The Fund paid £750 & £900 respectively in LGF benefits towards these costs, totalling £1,650.