Mrs Maddan


“I have received wonderful support from Lady Grover’s Fund over the years. My husband pays a very small annual subscription and in return we have peace of mind. If I become ill or injure myself, the fund will pay for various forms of support; accommodation in hospital or nursing home, nursing or care at home, or just domestic help at home.

My first experience of the fund happened in 2002 when I broke my shoulder.  I had four children and various pets to look after. The fund paid for eight hours of help a day for several weeks which meant the family didn’t suffer. My husband was away for a lot of that time.

The second time I was given help was when I granulated my other shoulder. This is a very painful condition which means it is very difficult to lift an arm. Again the fund came to the rescue. More recently, I was helped when I developed an intramuscular haematoma in my leg.

The fund is wonderfully user friendly. It is great speaking to the secretary and not having the frustration of trying to communicate on line. There is virtually no bureaucracy involved in making a claim.  There has never been a problem claiming funds. It is an easy process.

My husband has left the army but I remain on Lady Grover Fund books until my death. I am sure knowing that I can call on the fund’s support  until the end of my days is extremely reassuring. I strongly recommend becoming a member if you are married or have been married to someone in the services.

I am extremely grateful for all the support I have received over the years. Thank you!”

Mrs Maddan, spouse of Member