Lady Grover’s Fund Ms Sharrocks

Ms Sharrocks

“I joined The Lady Grover’s Fund many years ago following a recommendation from a military wife friend. I was keen to support the Fund and thought that one day I might need their support. Sure enough, in 2016, following surgery, whilst our family was living at RAF Marham I called upon The Lady Grover’s Fund and they were able to cover the cost of a wonderful helper coming into our home to do housework magic and help with household chores when I was not allowed (Dr’s orders) to lift more than a kettle with enough water for one! Having a husband with a really busy job who was often away and two young boys (they were 9 and 6 at the time), I really did need help in the home for several months post-surgery. I would highly recommend The Lady Grover’s Fund as the support they are able to offer is wonderful – it’s not always possible to rely on family members to help if you are stationed far from those who would normally step in. It’s a really useful immediate and short-term health insurance that helped ease a lot of worry at a very difficult time.”

Jennie Sharrocks