2020 Claims Update

Lady Grover’s Fund provides financial help at the most difficult of times. Lady Grovers’ Fund assists with recovery after illness or injury, bridging the critical

Interesting Times

Ancient Chinese Curse – “May you live in interesting times”  I joined Lady Grover’s Fund in May, and it has certainly been a challenge working

95th AGM Minutes

Minutes from the Lady Grover’s Fund 95th Annual General Meeting are available to view here.

May 2020 Newsletter

The Lady Grover’s Fund May 2020 Newsletter is available to view here.

Lady Grover in a COVID Climate

A Note from your Chairman. The Committee joins me in wishing you all the very best in these uncertain times.  We are thinking of you

Special General Meeting

The Committee of Lady Grover’s Fund has called a Special General Meeting (SGM) on Tuesday 28 January 2020 at 1.30pm at Mountbarrow House, 6-20 Elizabeth

Newsletter 2019

The Lady Grover’s Fund 2019 Newsletter is available to view here.

Direct Debit service provider change

We have recently changed our direct debit service provider and all existing membership direct debits have been migrated across to the new provider. There is