Lady Grover’s Fund Former Army Major

Serving Officers’ Wife

LGF member, Major P, was away on exercise in Canada when he received news that his wife had been rushed to hospital with appendicitis. The couple have three children, two of whom were aged between 6 and 9 at the time of the application. The two youngest children were at home and attended the local primary school and their eldest child, aged 14 years, was away at boarding school.

Following three days in hospital for emergency surgery, the beneficiary (Mrs. P) was discharged home to recuperate but needed short-term home nursing and home help. Luckily the beneficiary’s mother was on hand to assist with looking after the two younger children and the family pets, however, additional help was needed with Carer support initially and cleaning, all of which was put in place at a financial cost to the family. The beneficiary recalled her husband’s LGF membership, paying an annual subscription and was relieved to find that they could make an application to the Fund for ‘Home Nursing’ and ‘Home Help’. This would help offset some of the costs that they had paid themselves while she was recovering. The beneficiary submitted an application to the Lady Grover’s Fund for 1 x weeks Home Nursing and 5 x weeks Home Help, which was approved and reimbursed accordingly.